About me

​I believe that life is an art: the art of choosing, the art of loving, the art of flying, and sometimes the art of falling, falling apart and putting yourself back together again.

Kasia Herman

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to art.

I was fascinated by anything that revealed the unseen. This is how I perceived images – colors, shapes, symbols – a magical portal to the world of hidden meanings. When, as a little girl, I entered a paint store, I was like under a spell. It was my temple. I was constantly painting something, because I kept seeing and feeling something on my inner screen of imagination that I wanted to share. Enchanted by the beauty and complexity of the world, I also had a deep desire to co-create it.


My studies at the Academy of Fine Arts gave me the necessary skills, and my studies in psychology and cultural anthropology helped me enter the world of the human psyche, the subconscious and other mysterious fields on the verge of quantum physics and spiritual development. Being able to use tools from a variety of disciplines is certainly a valuable resource. But I also know that the Universe does not want us to be professionals in life but artists combining knowledge with our inner feeling and intuition.


Almost every day, right after waking up, I write down my dreams. Ever since I realized their power and my extraordinary connection with them, I realized that my multidimensional dreaming, imbued with symbolism and information, is a non-obvious gift. In my dreams I receive many images, inspirations, clues and answers that I can share and that often make their way onto my canvas.

I believe that I did not choose art – art chose me.

Through process of painting I have come to deeply understand the importance of our individual perception, which is why I consciously choose how I want to see the world and how I want to paint it for myself and others.

2022 Workshop for women, „Art as a tool for transformation” – Mandala of Power, Warsaw
2021 Workshop for women, Creating a Map of Dreams, Warsaw
2019 Creative Workshops, Wroclaw, Poland
2018 Creative Workshops, Gdansk, Poland
2017 Creative workshops for children, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Creative workshops Tbilisi, Georgia
2015 Birmingham The Creatvie Craft Show, United Kingdom
2015 Paris Design Week, Paris, France
2014 DMY International Design Festival , Berlin, Germany
2014 Kreativ Messe Stuttgart, Germany
2014 Creative Workshop Istanbul, Turkey
2013 Women’s Design, Rapperswil, Switzerland
2013 Foire de Paris, Paris, France
2012 Ambient 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2011 London Design Festival, United Kingdom
2011 Must Have for Pleciaki, Łódź Design Festival
2010, 2011, 2012 Lodz Design Festival, Poland
2010 Etnodizajn Festival, Cracow, Poland
2005 Exhibition of drawings, Cracow, Poland
2002 Photography exhibition, Museum of Photography in Cracow, Poland
2001 Painting exhibition, Katowice, Poland

Art is what emerges from our interior, from our living, creative heart.

– Kasia Herman 

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Web design: COCRE
Photos: Karol Tomaszewski, Ania Rude Oko, Katarzyna Herman
Video: Marcin Janiec